Thailand the land of smile

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Thailand the land of smile If you ask people where they want to travel to , I belive that the first that come to their mind is Thailand.Thai land the country  is the southeast Asis and have the very beautiful sea , mountain , brach , coral . Thailand also got more place for you to go or play. Thailand the land of smile I belive that most of the people is the world know this very well. But how many people know how this word came from I think only few people were know. Why I say that because Thai people on thie own also now being forget. The sentence  of  “Thailand the land of smile” is mean people is Thailand are help earth other by heart not by what they were receive  back. This why when other people who came from over sea are seen and they go back and tell their own friend that Thai people are away smile on their face because they are not have anting to worries. Thailand today are not totally loss the word “Thailand the land of smile”  because if you go out of the Bangkok  you are still can see that people are still help each other link พัทลูง (the city on the soutpart of Thailand ) also on Bangkok you are still can seen some. Thailand are still the land of smile but only some people that bing  excuse but not all. If you want to reavel in Thailand we are still well you to travel on this land of smile. by skypream


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