Thailand the most wonderful country in the world

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If  you ask me,"Which country is the most wonderful country in the world".My answer after I travel to other countries allow the world I think  Thailand is the most wonderful country. Thailand has the good location for people to relax. Thailand is the center of the world and the good climate does not have the high temperature and not to low.Thailand also has a good geography for people to work and for tourist to travel. Thailand has a betiful beach for people to travel.Thailand also has a very culture from the last hundred of years like "sonkran" or in other word is "Water Festival" Thailand does not only have beach or old culture but also has good natural attraction and also has developed many new modem cultures,they still retain much of their old culture.It is a place where modernity and tradition co-exist. Due to this, all this can make you fell free trouble of work on the city. In my idea Thailand is such an amazing country and it has so much friendly people ,wonderful sunshine.You do not need to belive if you are not go try by your own


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