North Korea Vs Western world

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Last few day i have some discussion with my close friends of where we should go after exam. I quickly answer my friends " We should go for North Korea". The reaction that my friends have was surprise me.Everyone of my friends are thinking of  North korea are very dangerous place and you can get back when you can get in.I am talking to my self that is this the result of listening to only on site of news.As frist my parent and many of my teacher are tell me that people in North Korea are  starve and the police will kill everyone that never show the respect to the leader. But after i watch many of documentary i had change my mide. North Korea are similar too many country all over the world especially those country that has king. People are tell to respect the leader of the country .For me i would like to travel to North korea to experience the Truth of the country that other people are talk bad about them


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