Indonesia the land of opportunity from my Holiday

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If talking about country in southeast Asia that still consider developing but at the same time also not yet developed i think the name of this three country will come into your mind 1. Indonesia 2. Malaysia 3. Thailand.  Recently i got the chance to visit Indonesia again after 7-8 months and this is my 3rd time visiting the country. The reason for this trip was mainly just because my friend that study in AUS are back for her holiday. Beside the eat and sleep in the car for our long journey from point to point. There is a lot to learn from this country as i personally observed. one most interesting fact about this country is their soil are black. The reason being is due to the volcano. 


As we travel down along the road the number of truck that on the road and how good the quality of the road is incomparable to my country ( Thailand ). is very amaze on the number of truck and trailer that on the high way to move the good and product across the city. Even thought Indonesia had a big network of railway track but is still not enough. Actually after awhile i think the logistic network in indo can still improve and there is a business potential on it.


Since we on the logistic part of Indonesia, the Indonesia airline and airport is make me amaze and ask lot of question to my friend. As the 2nd day in Indonesia i need to travel down from Jarkata to Surabaya by domestic flight. After everyone of us finish the check-in process and get the boarding pass i quit amaze on how there is no security check in term of the passenger name and the person who hold on the boarding pass. Personally this made my mind full of question mark as normally in Thailand there is a lot of security check in term of passenger name before you can board the plane. Bu from my understanding the reason why there is a few step in term of security is because of domestic flight and people in Indonesia are use to the air travel to go from island to other island. I would not say that there is a lack in security but instead i will say is enough for the domestic flight where people take airplane as part of their routine like other people in other country taking bus to travel to other city.


After a total of 3 flight from Phuket to Surabaya and 4 more hours on the road i finally arrived in the Bromo mountain area. Lucky enough this time i bring enough jacket to keep myself warm as the temperature below 15 degree C. To be honest at first i was expecting for hotel then better than this but i think is fine cause i only spending less than 6 hours on the bed before continue my destination in the early morning at 3 AM. In the first day is hard for us to find any food cause of the time that we go are most of our Muslim are still in their Ramadan timing resulting in there is no shop open before 6:30 PM, but lucky enough we mange to get some food in the smaller shop.


Day 3 of the trip is the day that we will finally go to the place that everyone of us are waiting for and that is “ Mount Bromo “. So our day start at 3 AM that we will be pick up by the jeep and travel around the mountain and dessert  for 1 hour before arriving at the View point for the sunrise. At that point i personally feel so sleepy cause of the game that we play at the night before, and guess what game we play ? .  the answer is “true or dare “ the most popular game to break the ice and is almost break the friendship if the question getting more deep haha. At the view point you will be amaze that there is cafe that can server you cappuccino ! . Did i mention early on that most of the food is very sweet for the whole trip haha.   Sadly after 2 hours of watching the cappuccino getting cold we can not take any picture of the sunrise due to the cloudy wether and the rain that happen in the early morning. But But we did able to make this trip memorable by eating Indo mee on top of the view point. After the view point we visit a few place to take photo and ride the horse  to see the active volcano. We stop a few place before heading back to the hotel is such a good time to be honest, tone of photo and unforgettable experience and i was force to take photo with my other friend because of the true and dare game the nice before ( am i happy when take photo ? my face tell is all 🙂 ) .


Day 4 until they 5 is just chill day for me cause the mission of the trip that i came for is already achieve, so in day 4 we was travel down to the Zoo and Theme park. For the Zoo part i very amaze on the way they display the animal. The zoo able to force everyone of us to walk in one direction to visit all part of the zoo. In the same zoo park there is a theme park but personally in term of rides there is not a lot. Is very surprise me on how this type of theme park and zoo located in the small city like Batu that located 4 hours from Surabaya.  


With all the fun for the last 5 days , there is still more fun when my flight from surabaya back to Singapore was delay by 3 hours resulting in only 1 hours for me to transit in to other flight to back to phuket. Despite only 1 hours in transit time i still manage to try out the Slated egg chicken bugger by McD that just lunch on the day with my baby sister and friend. Lucky enough this time i not the last person to board the airplane.  So let see where is my next destination will be.

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