Let say you Fall in-love with someone , and you fall in-love with other person but then back to fall in-love with the first girl. That sound like a crazy relationship and lot of drama and that is me.  My story start 4 years back when i get to know this girl who will i never thought will be the girl that i will chat with everyday til today. This girl also happen to be friendzone me by saying " i think with you as just a friend".  Added to that this girl also tell me every week that we can be just friend or brother. If normal people all this is already good enough to say "give up". But that not me.  She say she is a "what if person" not "oops" person that think about what going to happened if the relationship not work-out. But i want to tell her that if you never try then how you know?.  Recently she find out that i got her mum whatapp and we do some exchange of information , is amazed me that she did not scold or getting angry with me at all. So let see how this relationship will end. One of our friend say this  " from what i see u guys see each other as a friend but i can feel that u still hoping for a more serious kinda relationship while she is not into relationship as of now. But somehow both of u dont want to back off and act as if u guys are close like a bro and sis." . I can not imagine if one day she came up to me and say " i have boyfriend already ".  I can not imagine at all if i can not go back and talk to her at per normal.   WhatsApp-Image-20160728


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