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Introduce to

Few day ago while i reading some forum someone introduce me to the this tool is just a simple tool that help to identifies and give basic information about the stock ( from my understanding is only support US

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North Korea Vs Western world

Last few day i have some discussion with my close friends of where we should go after exam. I quickly answer my friends ” We should go for North Korea”. The reaction that my friends have was surprise me.Everyone of my friends are thinking

for all my friends 4a1 montfort sec  2011

I am think that i is lucky that i had a chance to study in Singapore.I also think that i is very lucky that i have a chance to know everyone here.All of you are good friends that i will

Thailand now face or not

Thailand now face or not Thailand now face or not. My answer is yes. This page also visit in Thailand, although this is an event that many have seen the news, such as floods or Decree. An emergency, but these

Thailand the most wonderful country in the world

If  you ask me,”Which country is the most wonderful country in the world”.My answer after I travel to other countries allow the world I think  Thailand is the most wonderful country. Thailand has the good location for people to relax.

We love our king not because he is king

If you know most of the thai people are love their king. But how many people know why we love our king. Tha answer is working for their people he can shoud not to do. We love our king because

Thailand the land of smile

Thailand the land of smile If you ask people where they want to travel to , I belive that the first that come to their mind is Thailand.Thai land the country  is the southeast Asis and have the very beautiful